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Meet Your New "Game-Changer"

SCB Luxury Styling is a personal styling firm for professional women who want to make an impact and a statement with style.  Confidence comes with clarity.  And my main focus is to help women get clarity on their unique body shapes, so they're able to determine a personal style that best aligns with them.

GoodPix has been the perfect tool for creating professional and shoppable lookbooks that allows my clients to shop at their own pace.

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We are a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, who have a passion for our work and find joy in our relationships

with our clients and with one another. 

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Inspire Visually

As you market yourself and your personal services, use GoodPix to inspire your audience with content that shows who you are. 


Your Own Shop!

Launch a virtual storefront in 5 minutes! Promote brand(s) you already sell PLUS commissionable product from top e-commerce sites.


Modern Client Sites

Imagine giving a personalized website to each of your clients, with your branding. Personalized content & two-way commenting.

Client Sites

Digitize Closets

Make outfits out of what they already own. Easy to add photos and show them how to style with what they already have.